Fire Equipment Service

Fire Equipment Servicing, Inspection & Repair

Anyone using fire safety equipment needs to keep it in good condition, but this is even more important if you own commercial, industrial or public premises. As with risk assessments and purchasing fire safety equipment, it can be important for insurance as well as for meeting legal standards.

We offer fire equipment service, which includes inspecting and repairing your smoke alarms and heat detectors. We can also repair or replace any damaged signs for you.


If you've had to use your fire extinguisher, you must get it refilled by us. Even if it feels like you still have something left in the extinguisher, don't risk it - it might not be enough next time. This is something your fire extinguisher technician can take care of if we've trained them.

For commercial and public properties, it's also a legal requirement to get your extinguisher checked every year, even if you haven't used it.

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