Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessments & Inspections

Fire risk assessment - with any non-domestic space, it's your duty to make provisions for fire safety. You must have a fire risk assessment, so you might as well make use of our 10 years' experience and get it done properly.

We'll perform a full and thorough survey of your premises, pointing out any fire hazards we find and making sure you are aware of regulations. We'll then work with you to defend your building from fire by resolving hazards and providing you with fire safety equipment.


Risk assessments are a necessary part of any business or public space. But as well as being a legal hoop to jump through, it can really help you in the future.

You won't be breaking regulations, so you'll avoid fines. Taking action on the feedback from a fire risk assessment dramatically reduces the risk of fire. And making sure any fire hazards are dealt with and removed will strengthen your insurance claims, should the worst happen.